All images, artwork and assets purchased from Planners Anonymous are exclusively licenced to Planners Anonymous by our parent, Why Sail Pty Ltd, and are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved with regards to the images, artwork and other assets available from Planners Anonymous. All material is intended for your personal use and you are NOT permitted to redistribute any material that is subject to copyright, including copying, electronic or otherwise, duplicating or on-selling the material that is delivered to you. We do not permit the commercial use or mass production of our artwork, products, kits and designs. It is also NOT permitted any type of digital alteration and digital manipulation to any of our material.

However, we welcome artists and crafters who would like to use our artwork, products, and kits to promote their profile online. Therefore, we give permission through our Angel Policy to use any material purchased from Planners Anonymous as a part of the Planners Kit or any of our other products, providing:

  1. Each item must be handcrafted using original material as supplied by Planners Anonymous. Mechanical reproductions, including scans, copies or transfers are not permitted.
  2. Our designs may not be transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise without written permission in accordance with the Copyright Act.
  3. Products, kits and artwork may not be used in your branding (for example in logos or website elements aside from promotional images for a blog post, video, Instagram, etc).
  4. Our images must not be altered in any way, digitally or otherwise.
  5. You are required to attribute credit to Planners Anonymous in any promotion of your artwork.
  6. You may not on-sell digital artworks, either as a kit or as separates.
  7. You may not sell any mass reproductions that use our artwork in any way.

Why Sail Pty Ltd and/or Planners Anonymous reserve the right to restrict your access to purchase from us, including physical products, downloads (paid and free) and access to your store account where we find evidence that you have breached our terms of use, copyright and angel policies without notice. Furthermore, breaches of our Copyright and Angel Policies may results in legal action.

Why Sail Pty Ltd and/or Planners Anonymous may amend these policies at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail:

Most importantly, happy creating!

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