Planners Anonymous (and its parent Whysail Pty Ltd) retains copyright to all artwork published and made available for purchase, as physical items or as digital downloads.
By purchasing from Planners Anonymous, you are granted a simple personal use license for the items you have purchased.
We encourage you to get creative with our artwork, kits and separates, and genuinely love seeing what you create using it. We want you to feel free to create using the artwork and designs you have purchased, but have a few simple rules that must be respected.

Permitted Uses

  1. You may create handcrafted items using our kits (printable or physical) for your own personal use.
  2. You may share your creations, but should credit Planners Anonymous in any promotion of your work where our kits (digital, printable or physical) have been used, or used as inspiration for your work.
  3. You may submit files you have created using our printable products only (ie Digital Creative kits, Mini Digital kits, Printable inserts) to a third party printer to produce items for your own personal use only.
  4. For digital and printable items, you may alter the sizes of images supplied to suit the requirements of your project (i.e. printing them larger or smaller than originally supplied). Basic changes such as flipping, cropping and scaling are all permitted (but you may not print text backwards). We encourage you to preserve the proportions of each image.
  5. Where artwork includes a character, you may alter the skin tones, hair colour, and eye colour before and after printing to best represent you.

Forbidden uses:

  1. You may NOT scan, copy, or replicate our physical kit in any way.
  2. You may NOT transmit our kits (digital or physical) or artwork electronically (or via any other method) except to a third party for the purposes of printing/cutting for your own personal use.
  3. You may NOT share individual files/artwork elements in any way, including by uploading them individually, or by taking a screenshot of an individual image.
  4. You may NOT represent yourself as the creator of any of our products (but of course you can claim to have created using our products).
  5. ALL COMMERCIAL USES ARE STRICTLY AND EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. You may NOT sell any products supplied to you, or used as a basis for other items that are produced by hand, by print on demand, or mass produced in any way. This includes both physical and digital/printable items.

Why Sail Pty Ltd or Planners Anonymous may amend these policies at any time. For the latest version please click here.

By downloading or using our digital or printable files, you agree to the above terms.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail:

Most importantly, happy creating!

The Planners Anonymous Team

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