Insert Instructions

With our inserts, we include a PDF guide in the download. To make it easier we've added this to our FAQ so you can always preview the latest copy and tips.

For a list of our sizes please visit Please note that not all themes have inserts in every size.


Before printing, make sure the following has been set:

  • Scaling is set to 100%
  • The print is centered to the page
  • If you have the option print borderless (that way you won’t get a white border at the edges of your pages.
  • Duplex printing: check the orientation of the inserts, if they have two pages on one page they will be landscape.
    • Landscape: short-edge binding (most sizes)
    • Portrait: long-edge binding (Happy Planner Classic and A5)
  • If you don’t have a duplex printer select the ODD pages to print first, then flip your stack around and print the EVEN pages next. Make sure not to separate your stack.

Printer Settings


  1. Trim the top and bottom of the inserts (if required) using the crop marks provided.
    Note: Standard Traveler’s Notebook inserts may not show their crop marks depending on the size paper they are printed on.
  2. If you are going to staple or adhere your pages together now is the time. Then, fold your papers together down the centre. It is recommended to use a bone folder to get the best fold.
  3. Put all your pages together and cut them width ways in your guillotine. This will ensure they sit flush when inside your TN. Use the following as a guide for the width of your inserts.


  1. Trim the inserts using the crop marks provided.
  2. Use your hole punch to make the required holes for your planner.


  • Download the kit included insert if it’s your first time on a new size. They don’t include as many pages and they have the weekly layout so you’ll save money on paper and ink, and you can make sure the size works best for you before purchasing our Luxe inserts.
  • We use a custom size paper in our inserts - this may give you an error when you go to print. If you have selected 100% scaling and followed the instructions on this page it should print correctly if you are using A4 or Letter sized paper.
  • If you’re always using the same sized inserts mark your paper trimmer so you can have consistent cuts.
  • Don’t rush. Make sure to check the limits of your trimmer and punch as too many pages may damage your equiptment.
  • Check your measurements using the size guide on our website

Every effort is taken to ensure these instructions are accurate.

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